Monday, 19 August 2013

Great news, flowers and japanese cuisine

After months of nail biting, dreams of crashing airplanes (yes I am a nervous wreck) and programming a countdown on my phone to the nearest second, I have gotten my AS results back.
I am beyond happy.
So cue the bouquet of my favourite daisies and lilies and a sushi feast. When I say sushi feast I mean a feast. I only managed to take a picture of the boxes I had opened, but let's just say my entire dinner table was COVERED with raw fish and little parcels of rice wearing little seaweed dresses.
And I have a large dinner table.
So all's good. Except now I have to redo my entire biology coursework because ethanol, does not in fact, inhibit catalase. That's a month's worth of work down the drain.
But I am too happy to care.
Also, I have a little VSCO grid, should you feel bored and in the photo-browsing mood, which I occasionally find myself in.
here it is:

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