Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lovely Rooms: part 1

I have been looking out for beautiful rooms recently. I used to do this a lot while I was redecorating my room, but now I have to remove everything i worked so hard on because I am moving and Kyra is taking up my room.

I will miss my balcony, my straw hat on my wall. My typewriter and my camera shelves and my stationery pot and my jar of iced gems.

My iced gem jar is currently empty though because for some reason i cannot find them in any supermarket, and it breaks my heart.

So, anyway:

I have created a pinboard on pinterest (my love) full of lovely rooms to make me feel a bit better because it reminds me that this means I get to decorate my new room.

Yeah, it may be small and yeah i may have a wash-hand basin in the same room, but it's a dorm room, you can't really be asking for much.

So here are a few that I love out of everything I have pinned

Yes, notice the running trend for fairy lights and mismatched wall art.

I think I was born with an immense love for interior design and it's just something I have to get over because design is not a professional degree. And the only reason I am even moving into a dorm is to get a professional degree.

So I am eternally fated to be a boring doctor or lawyer or banker and someone i just want to shoot with a staple gun because they sound too dreadful to even have a real gun.

Nothing against real doctors and lawyers and bankers, but I just don't see myself ever becoming anything of that sort. I hate blood and arguments and dealing with large sums of money.

Maybe I'll be a cat.

And this is only a third of my favorites, so the rest is right around the corner.

Does anyone have a lovely pinboard to share so that I can waste spend even more quality time hooked on pinterest? It doesn't have to be design-themed. Anything interesting~

Or, even better. Does anyone want to contribute to the growing stash of interior-design-porn I have accumulated? I'd love more :)


  1. Lovely rooms, indeed. Thank you for compiling such a beautiful list!

  2. OMG... You sound just like me.... :)

    1. Haha, aw :) Thank you so much for commenting! It's great to find people who share my insane love of decorating rooms~