Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Mufti Drives me crazy

Cheltenham term 1 Mufti

BB Dakota blue coat

Super skinny jeans
$31 -

Hunter wellington boots

Keds lace up canvas shoes
$39 -

It took me ages--and I mean AGES--to decide which pieces from my precious wardrobe will form the limited range of attire i am allowed to wear to town for the next one and a half months. it is no easy task, okay. These are just my 'out-to-town' mufti. There is no way I am only bringing these.

Apart from passing the sasha-standard-for-suitable-attire, they must also comply to my school's nun-like mufti rules. No shorts. No bra straps.

Trust me, you would think it's not that hard. But it is. it is really really hard.

Note: The fur on my down jacket IS NOT REAL and it is removable so viola.

Next task: Pyjamas. It as to be (a) socially acceptable, (b) non-bum showing and (c) warm enough to prevent me from dying from frostbite overnight. Given that all my current PJs are better suited to the horrid tropic Singaporean nights, and that the stuff i wear on holidays and neither option (a) or (b), i need to act fast.

On the other hand I bought this marshmallow softness bathrobe from cotton on body the other week. Seriously, okay. You have never felt softness before until you touch one of these. I spent two days roaming around the house in it. I had to ramp up the air-con and that's probably why it died on me, but lounging about in my infinite-softness-bathrobe is worth it.

Okay. Focus, Sasha. PJs.

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